Horse Show Fees

Horse Shows

Shipping - Group Rate

Minimum $120.00 or $1.50 per mile

Full Service Day Care/Schooling

$220/boarders, $250/non-boarders

Schooling & Day Care

$180 per day boarders, $220per day non-boarders

Day Care Only per day

$100 per day boarders, $125 per day non-boarders

Schooling Only per day

$125 per day boarders, $150 per day non-boarders

Tack Stalls

Split per Show


Split per Show

Horse Lease up to 2′

$50/day local shows

Trainer Rides at Show

$100/day local $125/day Rated

Lunge for Show


Wrapping with poultice & or magic cushion



Average range $10-$35/day

Shipping includes transporting the horses, wrapping the horses’ legs, transporting saddles and show trunks (no oversized trunks please).  Please have trunks packed with all items needed during the show.

Day Care includes setting up and cleaning stalls, feeding, wrapping, lunging, medicating the horses and assistance in competition preparation.  If you are unable to fully care for your horse before or after your class please make arrangements for full care prior to the show.

Full Service Day Care adds tacking up the horses and un-tacking, un-braiding and bathing after the competition.

Schooling includes training and supervision before and during the show whether horse is ridden by the entrant or by another individual.

Show Rides will be an additional charge for horses that are ridden or shown by Coriander staff.

Custom Services can be arranged with the applicable customized pricing.

Entry fees, stall fees, braiding fees and any other fees incurred by the entrant are the responsibility of the entrant.  Please leave an open check or credit card in the show office or send method of payment with your child or Coriander Farm staff member.  Please send a check for the braider at show that require braiding.  Any fees paid by Coriander Farm on behalf of the entrant will incur a $25.00 or 20% additional charge (whichever is greater).

Please note that there are fees charged by the horse show when cancellation of an entry occurs after entries are submitted.  These fees will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Fees Updated:  November 2021